Meet the staff

Meet the staff

Who is the staff at Color House?

We are four. Anna Rita is “the boss” and also the house’s owner. She had the brilliant idea of this project. Angelo has helped her to realized her dream. Lavinia and Giorgio, their sons, have the duty “to keep things going”.

Why did you decide to open a Guest House?

This beautiful house belonged to our grandparents (anna Rita says: ” my brother and I spent our childhood here”) and we wanted to share with other people the warmth and love that it inspire all of us. Moreover, we liked the idea of carrying on an activity that could enable us to keep in touch with people coming from all parts of the world.

Why colorhouse is different from other guest houses?

It is different because we pay attention to your needs. Our aim is to make unforgettable your holiday. All details of the location has been carefully projected to meet all needs of everyone, both adults and children.

Why choose a guest House and not an hotel?

An hotel is more depersonalized and dispersive then a guest House. Here we try to make you feel at home, without all daily duties, relaxing and having an excellent holiday.

Why did you decide to paint the walls with different colours?

We are sunny persons and we strongly believe in the influence of colours on people’s mood. We have choosen powerfull colours to create a link with nature, even if we are in the centre of the city, trying to give to and Room a colour able to reflect its structure.